About Alia Designs

Alia Designs is a full service custom invitation design company focusing on luxury correspondence. In todayís age of electronic media and mass production, we at Alia Designs believe in bringing back the lost art of personal correspondence. We feel that the most precious events of your life should be announced with the most precious materials and ought to reflect the emotional significance of your celebration. After all, this is one of the most important days of your life. Our use of genuine pearls, imported silks, and hand embroidery will make your Alia Designs invitation a work of art in itself. 

Our goal is to put the romance back in corresponding. Invitations have emerged into more than simply an announcement of an event. Todayís sophisticated hosts look to their invitation to also express their individual style and reflect the importance of their milestone celebration. Invitations set the tone and build anticipation for the upcoming occasion. You donít get a second chance at making a first impression. Your invitation is the first impression that guests have of your event. While conveying warmth and hospitality, your Alia Designs invitation becomes a gift in itself that leaves an indelible mark on the heart of every guest.

About the Founders

Alia Designs was co-founded by two sisters who were in search of the perfect invitation for the familyís first wedding. They soon realized that the wedding invitation market was limited in its options and creativity. Existing invitations didnít adequately express the personal significance of the wedding. The pair realized that they were not alone in their pursuit of extraordinary invitations. They then spent several years in search of the finest materials and production techniques from around the world. Their concept for luxury correspondence was born.

Drawing inspiration from history, the pair discovered that some of the first invitations were sent out by Maharajas and Kings and were hand calligraphed on fine silk. They were also often adorned with jewels to express the permanence and richness of love and to show the hostís adoration for each guest by sending such a lavish gift. This inspiration, combined with the pairís passion for fine fabrics, embroideries and eye for design, spurred the making of Alia Designs. 

The result is invitations that evoke a bygone era while exuding a modern flair. These works of art blend love, style and celebration.

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